Industrial series

SPX 2280 |2281

SPX 2280 |2281

Dynisco SPX228X is a versatile rugged intelligent 4-20 mA industrial pressure sensor designed for use in
dangerous places (danger of explosion). Models are available in PSIG, PSIA and PSIS systems. Optional
pressure fittings and electrical connectors are available.

SPX 2280 |2281

SPX 2280 |2281

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Pressure range:
from 100 bar to 700 bar
2280 ± 0.5% 
2281 ± 0.25%
Overload capacity:
1.5 x FSO; 250 - 30,000 psi 1.2 x FSO; 35,000 - 72,500 psi 
  Repeatability: 0.1% cel. sensor range
  Sensor diaphragm: 15-5 PH & 17-4 PH SST
  Sensor connection: 1/2"-20 UNF , M14 x 1.5 , M18 x 1.5 , M22 x 1.5
  Mounting torque: 25 Nm - 55 Nm
  Pressure fuse: 250 psi: 10 X FSO  500 - 3,000 psi:  5 X FSO 5,000 - 10,000 psi: 3 X FSO 15,000 - 30,000 psi: 2.5 X FSO 40, 000 - 72,500 psi: 1.5 X FS
  TurnDown: 3:1 Turndown
  Sensor construction:  


Max. membrane temperature:
Zero shift (due to temperature):
45psi/100°C, nominal
  Max. sensor body temperature: 0 do 150°F (-18 to 65°C)
  Zero shift (due to temperature): All models: 0.01% F.S./°F max (0.02% F.S./°C max)
  Displacement sensitivity:
(due to temperature)
All models: 0.02% F.S./°F max (0.04% F.S./°C max)


Power supply:
16 - 36 Vdc (Std); 16 - 30 Vdc (ATEX IS)
Output signal:
4 - 20 mA, with optional HART ™
Zero setting:
± 5% FSO Maximum
  Insulation resistance: 500 Ω @ 24 Vdc, 1,000 Ω @ 36 Vdc
  Resistance calibration (R-Cal): 80% of duty. range ± 0.50% of the total range




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