Continuous filtration system

High Performance Melt Filter ECO

High Performance Melt Filter ECO

The continuous melt filters of the ECO series are mainly employed in PET and PA applications due to their special design and for filtering polymer feedstock from industrial waste with a low level of contamination or lightly contaminated post-consumer waste, as well as for clean virgin material. Our ECO melt filters are capable of processing a wide range of polymers. All solid or elastomer foreign particles such as gels, black specs, paper, wood, aluminum, copper, rubber, silicone or high-melting polymer composites are efficiently removed. In particular, there is significantly less degraded PET in the form of black specks. For this reason, the classic application for ECO melt filters is extrusion systems, for instance where recycled PET bottle flake is converted into food packaging films, packaging tape, and fibers. PET repelletizing and compounding processes in general are other potential areas of use. ECO melt filters can in principle be used in any extrusion line – either single or twin-screw and irrespective of the type of pelletizing system or other downstream unit. Three different sizes – ECO 200, ECO 250, and ECO 250 Twin – enable throughputs from 150 to 6,000 kg/hour depending on the application.

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PET Fines

PET, 100% bottle flakes
Contaminant Aluminium, paper, PVC, 0.5%
Melt loss 0.3%

PET bottles

Contaminant Aluminium, paper, black specks, 0.2%
Melt loss 0.1%

Thermoforming packaging film

PET, 100% bottle flakes
Food application
Aluminum, paper
Contaminant content 0.5-0.6%
Melt loss 0.1-0.2%

Packaging tape

PET, 100% bottle flakes
Contaminant Aluminum, paper, 0.5-0.8%
Melt loss 0.1-0.2%


PET, 100% fines
Contaminant Aluminum, paper, 0.8-1%
Melt loss 0.8-1%

TPE compounding

Contaminant Gels, specks, 0.1%
Melt loss 0.1%

Thermoforming sheets

Contaminant Gels, specks, 0.1%
Melt loss 0.1%


Technical data

Total filter area in cm²
ECO 200: 1250
ECO 250: 1570
Filter diameter in mm
ECO 200: 200
ECO 250: 250
Throughput capacity in kg/h
ECO 200: 1200
ECO 250: 2200
Number of heating zones
ECO 200: 6
ECO 250: 6
Installed heating capacity in kW
ECO 200: 20
ECO 250: 23
Engine power Filter in kW
ECO 200: 3,8
ECO 250: 3,8
Motor power discharge screw in kW
ECO 200: 0,9
ECO 250: 0,9
Filter speed in min-1
ECO 200: 10
ECO 250: 10
Discharge screw speed in min-1
ECO 200: 9
ECO 250: 9
Weight in kg
ECO 200: 800
ECO 250: 1000
Maximum operating pressure in bar