Effective single piston screen changer for reliable melt cost effective filtration solution - SCC


The compact single-piston screen changers SSC from MAAG provide a cost-effective filtration alternative for extrusion applications which allow for interruptions in the melt stream during screen changeovers. SSC operate without any additional seal. Their sturdy construction guarantees reliable and leak-free filtration of polymer melts. The rheologically optimized flow channel directs the melt flow optimally and with a short residence time into the screen cavity. The breaker plate is fitted with screen mesh suitable for the required filtration size. The screen changer is operated by a hydraulic piston.

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  Throughput rate [kg/h] 40 – 1700
  Operation method diskontinuierlich
  Required heating output [kw] 1,7 – 7,2
Additional designs

Candle filter elements
Disc filters
Basket filter elements
Arched screens
Oval screens

Filter surface [cm²] 7 – 314
Number of sieve cavities 1
Screen diameter/length 30 mm to 200 mm
Filtration area 7 cm2 to 314 cm2
Mounting Compact mounting dimensions, all positions possible
Technology Proven sealless single-piston desig


Flat films
Foam films
Blown films
Blown mouldings


Choated flow channels
Stainless steel design


Connection adapter
Support carriages
Control systems
Breaker Plates
Protective devices