Belt-Cooling Pelletizing System PFS Series 30

Belt-Cooling Pelletizing System PFS Series 30

The Belt-Cooling Pelletizing System PFS is specially designed for water-soluble and brittle formulations. The variable configuration of the system allows perfect adaptation to the processed product and guarantees continuous production. Even elastic and very flexible polymers can be handled easily and efficiently with the belt system. This system produces high-quality cylindrical pellets or micropellets, which are ideal for further post-processing.

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Technical data

Technical data Series 30 Series 60 Series 120
Pump: extrex® 20 GP extrex® 22 GP extrex® 36 GP
Specific volume: 1,3 cm3 / U 4,7 cm3 / U 25,6 cm3 / U
Differential pressure Δp: max. 250 barů max. 250 barů max. 250 barů
Temperature range: 30° to 200 ° C 30° to 200 ° C 30° to 200 °C
Die Head: Řada 50 Řada 100 Řada 200
Number of sources: 1-3 3-10 10-25
Cooling belt: Series 250 Series 250 Series 250
Cooling belt length: 2,3,5 or 7 m 2,3,5 or 7 m 2,3,5 or 7 m

Belt speed:

0,8-10 m / min nebo 8-80 m / min 0,8-10 m / min nebo 8-80 m / min 0,8-10 m / min nebo 8-80 m / min
Pelletizer PRIMO 30 PRIMO 60 PRIMO 120
Permeability: 0,3-2 kg / h 2-20 kg / h 10-60 kg / h
Pellet size: 0,3-3 mm 0,3-6 mm 0,3-6 mm

Areas of application

  • Areas of application
  • Production of micropellets to prevent grinding
  • For direct tableting or encapsulation
  • Continuous operation or series production
  • Pelletization of brittle and / or sticky formulations
  • For pelletization from an extruder or reactor vessel