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PT303 Pressure sensor - Trouble Free Operation

PT303 Pressure sensor

Dynisco's PT303 pressure transmitter is designed for gas turbine pressure applications in hazardous locations. They heavy duty construction and wide pressure ranges offer trouble-free operation and flexibility to meet your requirement.

All sensors in this series can be configured according to your needs. Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

PT303 Pressure sensor

PT303 Pressure sensor

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PT303 Pressure Transmitter

Trouble Free Operation

Rigid stem pressure transducers are very easy to install in the mounting hole of the production line. The problem occurs when the sensor is used incorrectly. This transducer can never be used in a vertical installation without thoroughly insulating of the transducer head. The electronics contained in the sensor would be highly exposed to radiant heat from the line and would cause early damage or displacement of measurement values. Therefore, if you are unsure of the correct installation always contact our technicians. If the sensor is repeatedly damaged it is not a defect in the sensor, but due to incorrect use or inappropriate configuration. We are able to solve these problems and offer you the ideal solution for your application. 


Performance Characteristics 

Pressure Range (psi): 0-110 through 0-700
Accuracy: ±0.25% FSO including linearity, hysteresis and repeatability
Full Scale Output: 4-wire 0-5 Vdc
Zero Balance: ±12 Vdc for FM approved explosion proof units 28 Vdc max.


Electrical Characteristics

1/2” NPT(M) Conduit connection, four conductor #22 AWG 72” in length
Excitation: ±12 Vdc for FM approved explosion proof units 28 Vdc max.
Red + Signal
Black - Signal
White + Excitation
Green - Excitation

Temperature Characteristics


Operating Range: +170°F (76.7°C) maximum
Temperature Effect On Zero:  Range dependent
Temperature Effect On Span: Range dependent

Mechanical Characteristics


Pressure Connections: PT130: -65°F to +250°F (-54°C to +120°C)
PT140/150/160: -20°F to +185°F (-29°C to +85°C)
Proof Pressure: 0°F to +150°F (-18°C to +66°C)
Materials Of Construction: PT130: ±0.005% full scale/°F (±0.009% full scale/°C) typical (±0.01%/±0.018% maximum);
T140/150/160: ±0.02% full scale/°F (±0.036% full scale/°C)
Housing: 303, 304 SST
Wetted Parts: 5 x rated pressure
Wetted Material: 15-5 SS
Weight: 3.15 lbs
FM Approvals: Class 1, Division 1 Groups A, B, C & D

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PT303 Pressure Transmitter - Dimensions  

All dimensions are inches (mm) unless otherwise specified.

Torque wrench Wera 20 - 100 Nm

Torque wrench Wera 075611 Click-Torque B 2 with switch ratchet 3/8 "(20 - 100 Nm)

Wera Click-Torque torque wrenches are supplied as switch ratchets (with connection dimensions 1/4 ", 3/8", 1/2 "and 3/4") or with clamping for socket tools (9x12 mm, 14x18 mm) for tightening torques from 2.5 Nm up to 1,000 Nm.
All Wera Click-Torque torque wrenches manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6789 are supplied with a declaration of conformity.

Transducer Mounting Hole Cleaning Tool Kit

Installation of transducers into improperly cleaned or sized holes is one of the major causes of damage to these instruments. With this kit, the .312" tip diameter hole, the 45 degree seating surface, and the .451" hole can be cleaned. The kit includes a gauging plug which is used to verify that the hole has been correctly machined and cleaned. M10 and M18 cleaning kits also available.

Transducer Mounting Hole Machining Tool Kit

The Dynisco Transducer Mounting Hole Machining Tool Kit contains all of the necessary drills and taps to prepare a standard 1/2 - 20 UNF transducer mounting hole and the 45 degree seat. All tools included in this kit are made of premium grade, high strength tool steel. Care should be taken in the use of proper speeds and feeds, lubricants, and a method to assure continual alignment of each progressing tool. M10 and M18 kits are also available.

1480 Panel Indicator

The 1480 is a Universal Pressure or Temperature Input Indicator with single or dual configurable alarms, as well as optional linear retransmission of displayed Process Variable. Ideal for use in Extrusion applications. 

1490 Process Panel Indicator

The 1490 is a Universal Input Indicator with single or dual configurable alarms, optional linear retransmission of Process Variable, Transmitter power supply option as well as optional Modbus communications. 

ATC990 Process Panel Controller

The ATC990 with a graphical/text LCD display is a universal input process controller with advanced functionality including Trend views as well as Digital Inputs, USB and data logging options. It provides a cost-effective way to control a single process parameter, such as for a plastics extruder. Designed to improve user efficiency many features are integrated to reduce commissioning time, simplify operation and minimize maintenance downtime. Reliably auto-tune and alarm on strain gauge, DC voltage, temperature or current inputs.

UPR 900 Panel Indicator

The UPR900 is a compact 1/4 DIN process indicator. The UPR900 can display your choice of engineering units related to a selectable range of input types. Add an optional secondary input for an all-in-one display of polymer melt pressure and temperature. The secondary input can be strain gauge to indicate differential pressure measurement. The UPR900 includes two standard assignable alarms with the option to add a 3rd. 

PPS1210 calibration pump

The PPS1210 pressure calibration pump with heated pressure port enables fast and accurate inspection of melt pressure sensors directly in the laboratory or directly in the factory. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is easily portable.

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