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Chemical & Industrial Pumps

For more than 100 years, MAAG has been developing and manufacturing pumps at its headquarters in Switzerland. MAAG is proud of its core competence - the development and production of gear pumps for polymers, chemicals and lubricants and filtration systems for the production and processing of plastics. Today, MAAG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of elastomeric extrusion pumps, thermoplastics, extrusion pumps, industrial pumps, chemical pumps and melt pumps for polymer production. Thanks to many years of experience with production and a deep understanding of polymer production and processing processes, gear pumps of all types can be optimally adapted to individual customer requirements. Technical know-how and the ability to respond to specific customer requirements make it possible to achieve the highest possible efficiency for a given industrial process. The maximum service life of MAAG pumps and melting pumps and the minimum downtime are a great guarantee of the successful operation of industrial plants.


extrex® PFS – 20GP

Gear pump for the pharmaceutical industry

The extrex® PFS gear pumps are specially designed for applications in the pharmaceutical industries. Such applications require specific design characteristics: high discharge pressure capability, constant throughput, gentle conveying, and narrow temperature ranges. In such an environment, the proven extrex® gear pumps unfold their full potential.

Self-cleaning properties

Accurate dosing

Pulsation elimination

Effective pressure increase

Low energy

Improved quality

Necessary micropellets